DemiDevimon is Myotismon's lackey. He is a trickster and a liar, attempting to deceive the kids whenever possible. Although a force of evil, he knows to run and cower when he is outmatched. He caused a lot of trouble for the Digidestined, such as making Sora think her crest wouldn't work, getting Joe lost, and making T.K. think Matt didn't like him anymore. Demidevimon is very loyal to Myotismon. He would do anything Myotismon would tell him and even helped him when things seemed lost. In the episode "The Prophesy", Myotismon digivolved into Venom-Myotismon and needed energy (food) so Demidevimon let himself be eaten by Venom-Myotismon.

Digimon Data SquadEdit
Three DemiDevimon appeared in the Real World along with a Vilemon. They went to the horse track to help a man gain lots of money. The three DemiDevimon fought Agumon when Vilemon grew larger. After Vilemon was destroyed by GeoGreymon, the three DemiDevimon were destroyed by GeoGreymon as well.
Demi Dart (Pico Dart in the Japan)
Bat Flutter
Evil Whisper
This Small Demon type Digimon takes on the form of a bat. They're often used by other demon Digimon of higher levels such as Devimon and Myotismon, but they're also said to be the instigators that enticed the once-Angel type Digimon Devimon and dragged him into the Dark Area. His offensive powers aren't so strong, but he's cunning and often plots evil deeds here and there. He likes darkness, but it's rare to actually see him alongside an upper-leveled Digimon. His special attack is "Pico Darts", which hurls big syringes at the opponent that take away their blood.
DemiDevimon can Digivolve into Devimon, or Bakemon
Excluding the episode Sora's Crest of Love due to the importance in the plot, all scenes of DemiDevimon using his Demi Dart attack were cut from the English dub of Digimon Adventure due to its close resemblance to an injection needle (aka syringe). The Data Squad version however had the attack resemble a laser based syringe instead.
DemiDevimon is similar to two Disney henchmen, Fidget the Bat (The Great Mouse Detective) and Iago (Aladdin). Like Iago, DemiDevimon is loud and obnoxious, has three talons (two at the front and one at the back), but he stays loyal to Myotismon to the bitter end, while Iago turned to Aladdin's side. Like Fidget, DemiDevimon is like a bat, is bumbling, very annoying to those around him, especially his master, and despite loyalty, he is killed by him.e
Record of fightsEdit
Demidevimon vs Patamon and Agumon X-O [Is defeated by Air shot but before cause Agumon runs ou by his Demi darts].
Demidevimon vs Geogreymon X [Mega flame].

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