is a hunky, dark-hearted penguin that appears in The Pebble and the Penguin as the film's main antagonist.

He is a very popular penguin who is in love with Marina, another penguin. He also bullies Hubie, who is also in love with Marina.

He is angry that Hubie is in love with Marina and bullies him, saying that no one would marries a loser like him.

Hubie gets an emerald and goes to present it to Marina, but Drake takes it and knocks him off the ice into the water.Believing Hubie is dead, Drake presents the emerald to Marina. He tries to get Marina to marry him, but she refuses.

Drake then starts threatening Marina, saying she will be banished if she doesn't find a mate. She still refuses.

Drake eventually kidnaps Marina and takes her away to force her to be his mate. However, Hubie appears. Drake is surprised that Hubie is alive, and after Hubie demands that Drake let go of Marina, Drake climbs up the stairs to fight him.

Drake easily knocks Hubie out and runs down the stairs with Marina. However, Hubie regains consciousness and runs down the stairs to fight Drake again.

Drake runs up the stairs to fight Hubie, but Hubie avoids his attacks and kicks him down the stairs.

Marina runs up the stairs to Hubie, but Drake grabs her. Hubie bites Drake, making him let go of Marina, and furiously attacks him. However, Hubie dodges his attacks and kicks him off the stairs and he falls to his supposed death.

However, he suddenly appears out of no where and throws a huge boulder (with Marina on top of it) at Hubie, but Hubie dodges. The base becomes unstable and Drake is crushed to death by a boulder, while, Hubie, Marina, and a recently appearing Rocko, escape.