Lord Farquaad
is the main antagonist in Shrek. He is the ruler od Du Loc. He starts the film by ordering his soldiers to catch any mystical creatures, and soon found the magic mirror and asked if Du Loc was the best kingdom, only to find out that he had not married a princess so he was not king and Du Loc was not a kingdom. He demanded to know of several princesses he could marry, and chose Princess Fiona. What he didn't know was that Fiona had been cursed and turned into an ofre during the night. She was locked up in a castle. Rather than rescue her himself, he held a match for someone else to do it. Shrek the ogre came, since the creatures who escaped capture had all come to his swamp, and demanded his swamp back. Larquaad instead held a match saying whoever killed Shrek would rescue Fiona. Shrek defeated them all, so Farquaad made Shrek rescue Fiona, which he did. She then left with Farquaad. However, Shrek realized he in fact loved Fiona and barged in right as Farquaad and Fiona were about to marry. He professed his love for Fiona, and she turned into an ogre in front of everyone. Farquaad was horrified and told his guards to kill Shrek and imprison Fiona in the castle. As they were led away, Shrek called for dragon, who emerged at thye last second and ate Farquaad, before spitting out his crown.