Sloth — another homunculi, if you can’t tell from her name — arrives on the island. Sloth is a character that we don’t know much about at this point. She’s efficient and seems to operate in a sort of taskmaster role for the other homunculi. She poses as the Fuhrer’s secretary Juliet Douglas and her uncanny resemblance to the boys’ mother has been noted on several occasions by this point, particularly by Al. Wrath in the prior scene informed Ed and Al, and subsequently the audience, of what a homunculus really is. With this information, it’s fairly easy to discern that Sloth is the homunculus created when Ed and Al tried to raise their mother. As they don’t know that Juliet Douglas is a homunculus just yet, they only suspect this to be true, and Ed wants to avoid the matter entirely. In part, this scene makes the three homunculi’s personalities and goals more distinct. Sloth, who wants everything to be as easy and simple as possible just wants to do what the other homunculi and her have planned. Envy, who is a spiteful and bitter creature, will forsake forethought and planning simply to torment the Elric brothers. Wrath, on the other hand, is as chaotic as Envy but not nearly as focused. His goal is to take Ed’s body, but he hasn’t really thought out how he’s going to go about doing that and is kind of just attacking him and taunting him.&nbsp

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