Tai Lung is the primary antagonist of the movie Kung Fu Panda. He is a Snow Leopard with supernatural Kung Fu ablilities. His signiture move is the nerve touch, where with one hit, he can paralyze his foe.


Tai Lung was found as a cub by Master Shifu. Master Shifu "loved Tai Lung like no other", and trained him in the arts of Kung Fu. He became a formidible fighter and was the first to master the thousand scrolls of Kung Fu. But even that power wasn't enough for him. He wanted the Dragon Scroll, which was believed to hold the secret to limitless power. However, Master Oogway, Shifu's mentor,senses his evil intents, and refuses to let him have it. Enraged, Tai Lung began to lay waste to the Valley of Peace, and tried to take the scroll by force, when he was stopped by Master Oogway. He was then locked into a prison (see below video) with thousands of guards, weapons, and two boulders chained to his arms and a jade shell on his back to imobilize him.

In the StoryEdit

20 years later, Tai Lung escapes from prison, while in the Valley of Peace, the potential Dragon Warrior (Po the Panda)is being trained to fight Tai Lung. But the problem is that while Tai Lung was locked away he had much time to meditate and became stronger that ever before. He is faster, stronger, and now more powerful than his master Shifu. His goal is to stop at nothing to get the dragon scroll and obtain unlimited power.