Fabrication Machine

The Fabrication Machine is the main antagonist in the 2009 CGI animated feature 9, directed by Tim Burton.


The fabrication machine was created by the scientist as a mechanical AI to be used for war. It has been described as a wounded animal that lashes out at anything it feels is a threat.

Film RoleEdit

The Fabrication Machine was shut down and locked in a factory due to the machine not having a human soul and turning against the humans. However, the Fabrication Machine was awakened by the Stitch Punks 9, 2, 5, and 7 (who retreated from the factory after the Machine chased them). Later, the Fabrication Machine created the Winged Beast (a large avian lizard-like machine) and the Seamstress (a large hypnotizing cobra/insectoid-like machine) to eliminate the Stitch Punks. However, the two mechanical beasts were destroyed by the Stitch Punks, who also destroyed the factory after rescuing 7. The Fabrication Machine emerged from the rubble of the destroyed factory and chased the remaining Stitch Punks, as well as destroying 5 and 6. The evil machine cornered 9, 7, 1, 3, and 4. 9 attempts to sacrifice himself to the Fabrication Machine, but 1 pushes him out of the way and gets killed in the process. 9 manages to free the talisman from the Machine before 1 was killed completely. 9 then used the talisman on the Fabrication Machine and successfully destroys the metal menace, as well as freeing the souls of the slain Stitch Punks from the Fabrication Machine.


The Fabrication Machine is depicted as a large metallic spider with multiple steel arms each tipped with a metal claw, which also gives the Machine a more vague resemblance to a crab and an octopus. The Fabrication Machine has a round head with a singe red eye that produces electrical sparks. The Fabrication Machine has various weapons that are equipped on each arm. These weapons include a buzz saw, welding torch, and a flamethrower.